Our history ...

Syrios family initiated their business activities operating in the heating industry in the mid-20th century .

Shortly after the war the two  Syrios brothers, Konstantinos and Stavros understood the contemporary demands for easily produced indoor heating and started producing the first wood burning stoves.

Under the brand name “Syrios Bros”, product launching was initiated, by taking part in every regional expo of the time.

In 1968 a privately owned, heating stove producing Unit was put together, an extremely innovative action for the time . Heating stoves and wood burning kitchens of high quality and endurance were being manufactured in the 1250 square ft. facilities.

... In our days

In 1990 the next link of the family tradition, Andreas Syrios renovated the company by modernizing its filosophy according to current trends and by upgrading the product line.

Beginning with cast iron based, wood burning heating stoves.

Since 1996 our energy fireplaces are produced entirely from caste iron or from a cast iron and steel compound.

Our products are considered top notch in the Greek market and under the Syrios brand name they have become synonymous with the terms of innovative quality and credibility in the heating industry.

In 2000 Syrios industry was relocated to our new privately owned 4750 square ft.  facilities in Tripolis Industrial region, where on the same time an investment in  the latest high quality metal processing equipment was materialized.

Nowadays we keep rising in the industry and we continuously place in the market new advanced energy products, which are fully certified by all the international standards of energy performance and safety.


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